In February 2016 I set off from the UK with a plan to cycle to Iran. I ended up cycling to China, after navigating Europe and a version of the Silk Road. I reached China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang from Kyrgyzstan in November of 2016. After a bit of a break, cycling and travelling in Thailand and Myanmar, I cycled around China between April 2017 and July 2018, beginning and ending in the southwestern city of Kunming. It is good to see people finding this blog on google, and I get occasional messages from people planning similar trips, so I decided to keep this blog, and perhaps even finish it one day!


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  1. Hi Daves,

    We are Juan and Elisabet from Spain, we meet on a bus in Myanmar , a couple of months ago.

    How are you? How it’s going your travel by bike? Which country are you now? =)

    We are working very hard with our app for travelling , Do you remember? We have it at very advanced stage.

    I remember you told us you used Facebook without internet, was with GPS? We are looking for some information about it but I don’t find anything.

    Regards Daves
    Hope you are well !

    1. Hey! Yes I remember for sure! I’m in China, in Chengdu, getting ready to go to Xinjiang province for the next bit. I made a new blog for the china trip at http://www.cycling-china.org if you want to see progress 🙂

      Basically within the app once in Myanmar there is an option to turn off use of data and still get all of the text updates etc. The app just doesn’t load images and videos. I cant remember whether that was in facebook or in facebook lite.

      Anyway, there are some media articles about it – they are basically offering free access to facebook in certain emerging markets, and then there is also facebook lite for places where bandwidth is limited.


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